About Us


Empowering creative people to take charge of their future success with our collection of business and entrepreneurial concepts.

Creating a Difference is for creative people who have limited business skills and financial understanding, but are full of ambition and talent.

If you’re new to business and want to just go for it, this guide is awesome. If you’re in business already, it is a good reminder that will hopefully spark you on to more great things. This guide highlights that to be successful at business you don’t need complicated books. You need knowledge, the willingness to learn and the tenacity to succeed.

Who We Are

This venture has been self funded and published by Darcy Clarke. With some welcome and generous support from other talented people. Now we’re looking forward to the adventure.

What We Do

We are building an online location for self-motivated creative people to find inspired business information, developed especially to meet your needs.

Our Philosophy

Changing the way creatives do business is a big task! To achieve this we want to challenge what you think or know about business and to excite you about the creative potential in business.